Flight 2 Light

6 - 19 February 2021

A citizen science project to save the night

Bush Blitz, Australia’s largest nature discovery program, is partnering with the Australasian Dark Sky Alliance to raise awareness of the impacts of light pollution on the night time environment. 

Take part in Flight 2 Light to learn about:

    • light pollution
    • the impact of light pollution on wildlife, and
    • the simple ways you can reduce light pollution.

You will also be a citizen scientist, gathering valuable information on light pollution and the creatures attracted to the lights around your home. 

Read the FAQs and watch the Videos to find out more

Register for the Flight 2 Light online lesson for full step-by-step instructions – it’s completely free and you will get a participation certificate and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping our environment.

6 - 19 February 2021

Nationwide - an hour after sunset

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Get Citizen Science Ready

How to get the most out of the night in the dark!

  • Register – first create an account, then Sign Up. This is a two part process. An email will confirm your password links and access to the course.

  • Watch the videos and listen to the podcast – you can do this now or later.

  • Prepare – you will need a torch, pen and paper, a device and access to the internet.

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